The Blacktop Audio Backstory

Old friends making new music. Blacktop Audio is about slipping into that comfort zone of our roots. Blues rock americana. We are currently writing new tunes and plan to record an album soon. We are still playing a lot of the music we cut our teeth on over the years. We think you will enjoy the music from the heartland that is Blacktop Audio.

If you attended a live music show in the midwest there is a good chance you have seen one or more of the guys from Blacktop Audio on stage already. Coming from a collective of previous bands to numerous to recount here, the guys in BTA are as road tested and seasoned as they come. While the influences behind the group are vast, a passion for blues rock is a common thread they all share. Writing new and original songs in this genre is a calling BTA just couldn't pass up.

We are in the process of polishing up a brand new set of tunes and hope to have a finished product available soon for all to enjoy. In the meantime we are starting to make some public appearances on stage and on TV as well. Keep an eye on our schedule so you don't miss the show. We would also like to stay in touch with you, so please consider subscribing to our email list, facebook page, listen here or on Soundcloud.

Thanks for checking us out!

Blacktop Audio

Blacktop Audio

Blacktop Audio is - 

Jake Shelmadine - Lead Vocals, Harp, Rhythm Guitar

Tim Clifton - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals

Tanq Hendricks - Bass

Joe Rexshell - Drums